• Multi language support: Switch the user interface language as per user preference.
  • PharmacyGPP – Sales management Software: Set up Retail Stores in multiple countries.
  • And, you can EDIT language file or CREATE a new your language file.
Multi language
Multi language

For example: I create a Vietnamese language file

Step 1: Open English.xlsx file in Excel: Edit content [Your language] column Vietnamese

Multi language | create new language
Multi language | create new language

Step 2: Save to Vietnamese.xlsx file to a location on your computer.

Step 3: Open Pharmacy Main icon on your monitor.

Step 4: Press Button: Create Multi-Language

Step 5: Press Button: Choose file → select Vietnamese.xlsx file in step 2

Step 6: Press F2 key → Save To PharmacyGPPlangVietnamese.xml

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