Create price list for

  • Product groups or specific products.
  • Customer groups or specific customers.
  • Locations and store groups.
  • Special events.
  • Price list can be configured to restrict what is available to sell at the POS.
  • Keep your master inventory list intact, but control what you sell at each location.
  • Schedule pricing in advance and have it take effect whenever you choose. There’s no need for you to alert your staff.

Creating and managing price lists

Time-based Price Lists

A store might use this option to mark down seasonal items they want to clear out of their inventory. Generate urgency with a limited time offer.

Customer-based Price Lists

Assign special pricing to customer groups in the hope of getting high-volume sales. A hardware store, for example, might offer lower prices to a contractor.

Location-based Price Lists

Adjust prices for a store or group of stores in a region. You can offset the higher cost of doing business in a metropolitan area, or you can lower prices to create a “grand opening” sale at a new location.

   Time, customer, and location-based pricing can also be combined. Generate a special offer for a customer group at a specific location.

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P   R   O   M   O   T   I   O   N   S

  • Build targeted promotions to increase customer engagement and sales.
  • Pharmacy GPP’s promotions engine supports virtually any promotional campaign. Quickly create numerous promotion types to generate new business.
  • Create promotions exclusively for customers in your loyalty program, or simply promote inventory you need to get off your shelves.

Commonly used discounts are

  • Percentage or flat discounts.
  • Location-based discounts.
  • Print coupons on your receipts, and encourage your customers to earn rewards and come back for a discount.
  • Get creative with your promotions. You can incentivize customer in-store shopping or encourage them to purchase more online.

Integrate promotions with your loyalty program

Integrate promotions with your loyalty program.
  • Spend 1000 reward points and get $10 off your purchase.
  • Spend $100 on any order and receive 15% off your entire purchase.
  • Create limited time deals:
    • Spring clearance: 15% off all winter items.
    • Get $5 off one product when you also purchase a specific, separate product.

Gift Card

Gift card promotion
  • Bring in new customers and boost your sales during the holidays.
  • Gift cards are a boon for retail businesses. They don’t take up much space and they provide a great way to bring in new customers. Customers who redeem gift cards typically spend 20% more than the value of the card when they shop.
  • Use gift cards to incentivize customers to return to your store and also help generate new customers. Let customers earn extra reward points for purchasing gift cards and invite them to introduce their friends to your store.
  • You can track card numbers in the system and make it easy to redeem cards at any location.
  • Gift cards in Pharmacy GPP work just like a product in your inventory. As such, they can be associated with promotions. Try a special offer like, “Buy a $100 gift card, get one item free”.
  • On the POS, gift cards show up as an available payment type. Gift card balances can also be used as your default return or exchange option for merchandise. With Pharmacy GPP, you can create unlimited types of gift cards.
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