Product management tool can easily create a catalog of the products you sell at your store, adding all their info: description, barcode, picture, cost and sales price, stock level, tax fees, promotional prices and more.

Barcode Labels

Barcode QRCode
  • Add the original barcode sequence to your products, or even create customized codes for them.
  • Easily print barcode labels for products.

Sales Price

  • It’s very important to precisely determine the price that you will sell your products, so you will profit with your sales. Set up an automatic profit percentage that will be applied to all your products, and also define individual sales prices for products in particular. You can also choose whether you will allow price change during the checkout process.
  • Set either fixed or manually entered prices at a specific unit of measurement.
  • Set different prices and stock for the items in different stores.
  • Import item list in one click (Quickly import items using the Excel file).
  • Specify the category that items will appear under in POS.
  • Monitor the quantity of each item in each store.
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Promotions for sales
  • Make your store more attractive to customers by creating amount- and percentage-based discounts.
  • Restrict application of discounts to certain employees.
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Setting Profit Margin

In order for all profit functionalities to be correct, you must define the sales price and cost of each product. Or if you prefer, you can also set an overall or default Markup(1)

(1)Markup is the percentage added to the cost price of products to cover overhead and profit. For example, a markup of 50% on a product that costs $100, generates a sale price of $150.

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